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I am so happy that you are here.


Kyra is smiling, her hair is blowin in the wind

Of all the places you could've found yourself and you found yourself HERE - wandering around my corner of the internet. The stoke is real.

Hi friends!!

My name is Kyra (KY-RAH), (she/they), I am Western Massachusetts wedding photographer who serves the entire Northeast and beyond.
As an overly observant person since birth, my work thrives in the candid and documentary space. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, you can think of me as a wedding guest with a camera. I aim to be non-obtrusive, though I have zero problem gathering folks together for those group photos.

The energetic exchange between all sentient beings and human connection fascinates me to no end. Just like the network of mycelium running beneath the Earth we walk upon, we are all interconnected by our own uniquely human experience. There is an undeniable magic when people once considered strangers can grow to become our most cherished bonds.

When not taking photos, you can find me in the garden. I've been a humble, low-key food grower for years but I just recently found a new appreciation for seed saving. What's more beautiful than a garden is the garden you're able to grow next year! My favorite things include: forest bathing and chasing waterfalls or being near the ocean. I love being outside, hate mosquitoes.

Another favorite past time is looking through beloved family albums and boxes of old photographs with my mom. It is the privilege of a lifetime to create meaningful images together with you that will become your family heirlooms.

In a world that can often feel like it is moving too fast, I appreciate how photography offers the ability to be fully present and in the moment. It is a gift I hope to offer you... The ability to be with your people. To relish in the togetherness. To just be. To fully embrace the fleeting moments.

Born and raised in the 413 but more than happy to travel wherever your love takes you!

The truth is I've never met a sunset or a dog that I did not like. 
If this applies, please tell your dog I said, "Hi!♡"

A real "people person" at heart, I genuinely look forward to meeting new faces and learning more about what adds glimmer to your life.


kind words

What is the nicest thing someone has ever said to you? I'll go first...

"My wife and I stumbled upon Kyra’s business while looking for a wedding photographer that could produce images that felt organic, playful, and unique to the folks being photographed. Kyra, and her wonderful second shooter, Sage, more than delivered in that regard. These two are artists, full stop. Not only are we over the moon about the actual images that Kyra and Sage captured of our wedding, we are super pleased with the experience of working with them. As a same-sex couple, working with LGBTQ+ friendly vendors was very important to us, and Kyra was absolutely phenomenal on all accounts— we never felt like we needed to explain or justify our non-traditional wedding party, preferred terminology, or aspects of chosen family during the wedding."

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