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Greetings! I am so happy that you are here.

Kyra is smiling, her hair is blowin in the wind

Of all the places you could've found yourself and you found yourself HERE - wandering around my tiny little corner of the internet. The stoke is real. HI FRIENDS!!

The energetic exchange between all sentient beings and human connection fascinates me to no end. Just like the network of mycelium running beneath the Earth we walk upon, we are all interconnected by our own uniquely human experience. There is an undeniable magic when people once considered strangers can grow to become our most cherished bonds.

When I'm not taking photos - I am probably editing! HA!
And when I'm not doing either, you can most likely find me in the garden, forest bathing and chasing waterfalls. Another favorite past time is looking through beloved family albums and boxes of old photographs with my mom. It is the privilege of a lifetime to create meaningful images together with you that will become family heirlooms.

In a world that can feel like it is moving too fast, I appreciate that photography helps to give us the ability to be fully present and in the moment. It is a gift to
stop time and preserve your memories.

Born and raised in the 413 but more than happy to travel wherever your love takes you!

The truth is I've never met a sunset or a dog that I did not like. 
If this applies, please tell your dog I said, "Hi!♡"

A real "people person" at heart, I genuinely look forward to meeting new faces, learning more about what adds glimmer to your life and those little, fleeting moments that bring you joy.

What is the nicest thing someone has ever said to you? I'll go first...

kind words

"My wife and I stumbled upon Kyra’s business while looking for a wedding photographer that could produce images that felt organic, playful, and unique to the folks being photographed. Kyra, and her wonderful second shooter, Sage, more than delivered in that regard. These two are artists, full stop. Not only are we over the moon about the actual images that Kyra and Sage captured of our wedding, we are super pleased with the experience of working with them. As a same-sex couple, working with LGBTQ+ friendly vendors was very important to us, and Kyra was absolutely phenomenal on all accounts— we never felt like we needed to explain or justify our non-traditional wedding party, preferred terminology, or aspects of chosen family during the wedding."

R & S
est. 2023

"Working with Kyra was so meaningful, memorable, easy and joyful. Her work drew us in so completely -- her style stood out from usual wedding photos. We saw lots of nature, rich color, and fun/outlandish personality from her subjects in addition to the usual stunning romance you expect. We didn't really question who we wanted to work with once we saw her portfolio, we just had our fingers crossed that she was available. Thinking back to when we first began communicating, my now-husband and I were nervous to be photographed. We don't love being the center of attention and didn't know what to expect. Right away, Kyra took such great care to get to know us, expressing lots of infectious enthusiasm, genuine kindness and support for our wedding planning. We instantly felt more at ease."

"Fast forward to the first time we met in person for an autumn engagement shoot beside a waterfall and we instantly knew we'd made the best decision. Kyra is personable, FUN, relatable and up to her ears in passion for what she does. She shares our affinity for nature and captures it so beautifully. We walked away from our first shoot feeling like we'd just had a romantic, fun adventure with a new friend. We laughed so much together. The end results were stunning! As the months passed approaching our wedding day, Kyra checked in now and then to remind us she was here to support us in any way."

K & R
est. 2022

"I’m absolutely positive you won’t find another photographer more invested in their work. Meeting Kyra on a video call for the first time, was like picking up a phone call from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years but when you do, it’s like no time has passed. I knew I wanted her to be apart of our big day within the first 5 minutes. Not only is Kyra’s photography unmatched, her work ethic, her drive, her ability to have fun and be professional all at the same time is incredible. All while wrangling your family and/or wedding party. You can FEEL her photos. I could go on and on about Kyra and her incredible ability to capture the moment, whatever that moment may be. but you should just hire her and find out for yourself ;) you will not be disappointed. Every single step of the way working with Kyra was seamless, easy, and very well structured leaving you with zero worries or concerns on your big day."

M & W
est. 2023

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