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My name is Kyra

My middle name is lovingly after my Babci Jeanette,
who was better known by her friends as


I was born and raised in the Pioneer Valley - the clients I serve are based in New England and beyond. Have passport, will travel!
My first love is to discover the wonders of nature with my camera in hand.

When I am not exploring the great outdoors, I specialize in sharing my enthusiasm for life through the art of photography.


If you enjoy any sort of adventure that involves fresh air, possibly getting a little dirt underneath your fingernails, chasing waterfalls, hiking, jumping in puddles or frolicking in the forest during golden hour, then we will make great friends!


The energetic exchange between all sentient beings and human connection fascinates me. I love meeting new people and I find it to be purely whimsical that folks who were once considered strangers to us can become our most cherished bonds.

I love love! And I look forward to learning what brings you joy!