My name is Kyra. 
pronounced KY-RAH


The energetic exchange between all sentient beings and human connection absolutely fascinates me to no end. Just like the network of mycelium running beneath the Earth we walk upon, we are all connected by our own uniquely human experience. I find it to be pure magic that folks who were possibly once considered strangers to us can become our most cherished bonds.


I celebrate all kinds of love and photograph all gender identities, sexualities, races, cultures, religions, bodies, and abilities.

Thank you for being here.

Wedding at The Delaney House

"There’s a million wonderful things to say about Kyra - she is the perfect wedding photographer! She is kind, creative, professional, compassionate and fun to name a few, she did the best job commanding our unruly crowd and the pictures are GORGEOUS. She was responsive to my insecurities and always looked for the best angles while gassing me up. Seriously she’s just the best person and I can’t recommend her enough."

Sarah & Kent

west coast sunrise





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Every time I get an inquiry — I actually dance for joy! You know those memes that say when you support a small business an actual person does a happy dance. That's real. That really happens. Whether you're in the beginning stages of planning or ready to book, I'm happy to connect and chat about what's a good fit for you. After you fill out this contact form, I will reach out to schedule a time to chat either over the phone or a video call. If you'd like to grab a cup of coffee or tea in town, that is totally a possibility, too! I find it to be of the utmost importance that you connect with your wedding photographer. Because we will be hanging out all day! I love to learn as much as possible about you from the get-go to see if I'm the right fit for you, so the more details the better! 

flower of life

sometimes my emails can go to spam. i will send you a quick text to connect with you initially to avoid emails being missed.


thank you! i appreciate your time & interest in my work.