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Hello! I am so happy that you are here!

The energetic exchange between all sentient beings and human connection absolutely fascinates me to no end. Just like the network of mycelium running beneath the Earth we walk upon, we are all interconnected by our own uniquely human experience. I believe there is an undeniable magic when people once considered strangers can grow to become our most cherished bonds.

We might be good match if...

You're most excited about your wedding because you will be together with all of your favorite people in the same place.

Making memories with your loved ones is important. Being with your people is a priority.

You want gorgeous images from your wedding without spending hours on posed or staged photos.

Yes, and you are also excited about the grooving moves on the dance floor! And the delicious food!! Did someone say cake?

Kyra is smiling, her hair is blowin in the wind

Born and raised in the 413 and happy to travel wherever your love takes you! I've never met a sunset or a dog that I did not like. If you're reading this and you have a pup, please tell your dog I said, "Hi!♡" I look forward to learning more about what adds glimmer to your life and brings you joy. 

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